Green Tea: More Than Just A Hot Drink

green tea 3

Green tea is known to have many health benefits in areas from heart health to weight loss. But did you ever wonder what benefits it has for your skin and how you can use it topically? Here are some key facts about green tea: 1) it has a high content of catechin an antioxidant known to assist in fighting cell damage and prevent the activity of free radicals. 2) It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. These two properties are great for improving the skin’s elasticity and lessening the signs of aging. Whether or not green tea can help with this is unknown, but here are three ways you can include it in your beauty regimen and observe any differences in your skin.

Skin toner. Skin toner is used to help minimize pores and even out skin tone. It’s great for those with oily skin. This facial toner recipe from Art and Practice combines apple cider vinegar and green tea and does not require a lot of prep.

Facial mask. Facial masks are great to revitalize and refresh your skin from impurities obtained from the environment. Viva Woman has a great simple recipe for a facial mask with Matcha green tea powder.

Sugar Scrub (a personal favorite). Sugar scrubs, as you know, are great for exfoliation and are mild enough to use several times a week. For an added boost to your scrub, try adding green tea to your mixture, as described at Savy Naturalista.

Try any or all three to incorporate green tea into your beauty regimen and tell me how it has improved your skin. Share your experience and other ideas in using green tea in your skincare regimen below.



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The beginning to something wonderful… My love of soap making began when I was searching for handmade items to give as Christmas gifts and stumbled upon this wonderful world of soap making. The cold process method is my preferred method of soaping primarily because it allows me to select and combine ingredients that I want in my soaps. And more importantly, It allowed me to explore a natural alternative in bath products for my daughter who suffers from eczema. Learning the benefits of many of these oils and butters opened my eyes to the many possibilities in creating products that would benefit not only my daughter's skin but our family's as well. Seeing the difference in commercial soaps and lotions to my products was apparent and there was no doubt that natural was the way to go. In my products, I use quality skin loving ingredients, such as olive oil, shea butter, and much more. I also use herb and botanical infused oils, milks, extracts and essential oils; all of which will enrich your skin and heighten your senses. There's nothing better than treating yourself and the ones you love to the very best. I hope you enjoy these wonderful luxurious bath and body products as much as we do. Thank you for visiting my shop; we look forward to being a part of your daily life!
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